Premium Starter Kit


Your Premium Starter kit includes:  Eleven 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils + your choice of diffuser + Ningxia and other samples

Lavender + Peppermint Vitality + Lemon Vitality + Copaiba Vitality + Frankincense + Thieves Vitality + Citrus Fresh + Raven + Digize Vitality + PanAway  + Stress Away

 + 24% off retail pricing for all future purchases
 + no renewal fee.  Simply make a $50(pv) purchase each year to remain active
 + community + resources with our team

Once your kit arrives, come back to our community page (with the password from your welcome email) and check out a special site I've put together just for you. It'll help you unpack your kit, oil by oil.


Want more?  Essential Rewards is a Customizable Monthly Box


You choose the product and they give you CREDIT  BACK on every monthly Essential Rewards purchase you make!

What would this look like?

MONTH 1: spend $50, get $5.50 back in points. Rinse + Repeat.

Are you following me so far? You’re not buying your laundry soap, hand soap and dish soap from Target. You’re getting plant-based, chemical free products from Young Living delivered right to your door. Products that you feel good about because you know they’re not hurting your family. And you’ve accrued over $15 for free.

After 3 months you'll receive 20% back in points.

MONTH 4 - 24:  spend $50,  get $10 back each month in points to spend on whatever you choose. Simple.

If  you don't sign up now when buying your Starter Kit, not to worry, you can start or stop anytime! I would suggest ANY future order be made with Essential Rewards. Since you can start/stop anytime placing your order within this program allows you to take advantage of it's awesome benefits!



To place an order for just an oil or two contact us directly at We're happy to help you out.