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Essential Oils Boot-Camp

  • This is an online event - where ever life finds you (map)

Essential Oils Boot-Camp

We have boot-camps for everything now days, why not essential oils? It's 2018, if you're not oiling join us and we'll bring you up to speed! We'll spend a week talking through the basics and show you how easy it is to use these bottles of oily goodness!

The best way to learn is through EXPERIENCE. We'll send you an Experience Box - which will include a sample of 11 oils (see below) as well as some other great info to have as we talk through these essential oils this week!
* (only available for nonYL members!)

w h a t i s i n c l u d e d ?
+ daily informative videos
+ additional info and resources
+ essential oils notes booklet
+ carrier oil
+ sample oil collection

But, we only have 10 Experience Boxes available!

Get your ticket at the link below. Cost is $20. BUT your $20 will be refunded to you at the end of the week should you decide to jump into this oily life by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit. REGISTER HERE

Each day we will post a short video, and other answers to common oily questions. Tune in whenever is convenient for you! After you watch, comment with a question or one thing that you thought was interesting.

t o p i c s
+ what are essential oils and how do they affect our bodies?
+ why can't I just get my oils from the store?
+ how to use essential oil?
+ basic oil safety and tips?
+ using essential oils for cleaning and personal care.
+ how to use oils with kids
+ are oils safe around my pets
+ what oils are good for....and more
+ whats the big deal about the Starter Kit?

You will be receiving a sample of each of these oils:
+ Frankincense
+ Lemon
+ Stress Away
+ Lavender
+ Digize
+ Copaiba
+ Panaway
+ Peppermint
+ Thieves
+ Raven
+ Citrus Fresh

*this event is for nonYL members only*